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The Wellness Collective is a network of incredible professionals within the Wilmington, NC area whose mission is to help others.  The Collective was created to support our community - from the Professionals themselves, to each individual who lives and breathes around us.  The goal is to see you thrive by offering you a variety of wellness services that address your health from a wholistic standpoint.


Discover something entirely different, incorporate a healthy new routine into your life, save on your supplement purchases, care for yourself.

A yearly Membership costs $20. 

This investment gets you:

  • Awareness and access to a variety of industry experts with different specialties from mental health to physical health.

  • Exclusive VIP invitations to Events and Experiences

  • Exclusive VIP sales, raffles and cool things

  • Savings on supplements - A savings of 5% on all Wellness Kits and supplement purchases from Wellness Provisions all year long

  • Savings on services - Every Professional offers an exclusive service or special discount to Members of the Wellness Collective

A $20 membership saves you $1,508

if you take advantage of each

Professional's Membership Benefit just one time.*

*Savings on your regular supplement purchases not included in total savings figure.  That means you can save even more!

We don't compete against your existing health insurance, we complement it.

We provide options for people

who want more than the status quo.

Check out the amazing humans who want to be part of your journey towards greater health and happiness.

The index of Professionals who make up the Collective is constantly evolving.  To book an appointment or inquire about services, please contact the Professional directly and mention the Wellness Collective.

want to be a professional IN THE WELLNESS COLLECTIVE?



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