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wellness kits

Optimize your supplement routine with the highest quality, most effective nutrients in the least amount of bottles.  Wellness Provisions is simplifying your supplements.  We make it easier for you to select the best supplements for the areas in your body you're looking to support. 


We've curated supplements from some of the highest regarded brands in the industry who make products that yield exceptionally positive customer feedback on a consistent basis.

Wellness Kits contain 2-3 products per kit focusing on high quality brands who third party test, are free from contaminants, research quality nutrients and positively impact the planet.  They are also allergy friendly and crafted for the best absorption so you're actually utilizing the nutrients you're ingesting.  If you're spending money on supplements, you should be absorbing them.

Navigate our Kits with ease and welcome a new shopping experience

that feels more trusting, less confusing and less daunting.

Afterall, you shouldn't need stress support supplements just to go supplements shopping.  


We have partnered with Copper Sun Microfarm to provide you with organically grown, full-spectrum hemp flower rich in CBD. 


Smoke or vape


$20   |   3.5g or 1/8th oz


  • Purchase directly from Copper Sun.

  • If you're also purchasing items from Wellness Provisions, please let us know you've ordered additional products so we can deliver your items at the same time!


The most active cannabinoid in the hemp plant, CBD, has been found to support the body in a multitude of ways via the ECS (endocannabinoid system).  Copper Sun's full spectrum hemp means there are trace amounts of other important cannabinoids, including THC (less than .3%). 


When other cannabinoids are present alongside CBD, the body has shown to absorb and utilize the active compounds more effectively.  

On their microfarm, they grow their hemp plants following organic practices. What does this look like?

  • It's better for you - there's less toxins

  • It's better for the plants - they're higher in nutrients

  • It's better for the earth - we're enriching the soil and creating life