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Optimize your supplement routine.

The most effective nutrients in the least amount of bottles.

The best results with the least trial and error.

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is simplifying your supplements.  


We've curated supplements from some of the highest regarded brands in the industry who make products that yield exceptional customer feedback on a consistent basis.

These products are crafted for the best absorption so you're actually utilizing the nutrients you're ingesting.  If you're spending money on supplements, you should be absorbing them.


2-3 products per kit

Highly regarded brands

Allergy friendly 

Third party tested

Free from contaminants

Researched, quality nutrients

Sustainable for the environment


Consist of a broad selection of remedies which can be purchased individually, apart from the Wellness Kits.  We even have remedies for pregnant mamas! 

Navigate products with ease and welcome a new shopping experience that feels more trusting, less confusing and less daunting.

After all, you shouldn't need stress support supplements just to go supplements shopping.  


We have partnered with two local Wilmington businesses who create high quality hemp products. 


When you purchase the CBD on our website, you will receive education about your endocannabinoid system and the various cannabinoids within the hemp plant that support health and wellbeing.  This allows you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, or to just begin using your new remedy.

BETHESDA HEMP- Organically grown, total chemical profile of the hemp plant.  In other words, full-spectrum and beyond!


Can be taken sublingually or applied topically. Always shake well. A quarter of a dropper or less under the tongue. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds then swallow. If used topically it can be directly applied to the skin.


A specific dose cannot be recommended.  Dosing is body dependent, so it your place to discover what your body needs. Start low and go slow. [Bethesda Hemp]


$80   |   1 oz

$16   |   3 ml


Total chemical profile means that they bottle everything available from the hemp plant- chlorophyll, terpenes, flavonoids and ALL the cannabinoids.


They do not fully decarboxylate (heat) so you get the raw, or acid forms, of the cannabinoids. The benefit of this solventless process ensures that their oil leaves nothing out of the vast array of beneficial properties of the hemp plant. This supports more information being sent to the endocannabinoid system, ensuring a more complete entourage effect.


This product is an excellent value as a natural hemp oil that contains 1000+mg of phyto-cannabinoid content. Their product contains all organic hemp and organic oils.  For many, one bottle can last anywhere between 2-5 months.  The price is cost effective for the customer in the long term. 


  • Their COA for the lot can be accessed by the QR codes on the bottle. QR codes will have a Lot number and expiration dates as well.

  • Bethesda Hemp has direct relationships with farmers in KY.  Their farmers use organic methods for growing in clean soil. They've established a great working relationship and friendship with them over these past few years. 

  • BH won't source any hemp from a farmer who does not have organically grown hemp.  The carrier oils they use are also organic.




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