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The goal of Workplace Wellness is simple: to support hardworking people while they’re in the workplace.  This service is for companies of any size who understand the importance of showing appreciation, maintaining a work/life balance, optimizing time and maximizing work output. 


Healthy, respected employees work harder because they care more (respect goes both ways) and the domino effect of a happy employee is endless.


Everyone, including leadership, co-workers and customers can benefit from well-intentioned employees.  Plus, when remedies are on hand, employees go offsite less. 


Upon placement, a short educational training is offered to staff to explain the benefits of our service.

We don't compete with your existing

health insurance, we complement it.

We provide options for people

who want more than the status quo. 

we offer different packages.

Connect with us, and we'll match you with the best package that fits your budget.

Here's how we do it


Our handcrafted wooden display has three tiers and a small footprint, taking up little counter space.  It’s placed in your workplace where employees can easily access it. Larger offices may utilize multiple displays so it's more convenient for a number of employees to reach. 

The display is stocked with 8 core remedies that were chosen after meeting specific criteria.

Supplements must provide the most bang for your buck, consistently achieve positive feedback and assist the body in multiple ways (they're versatile) and... taste pretty decent.

Remedies are single-serve and targeted to support:

Cognitive performance

Daily wellness

Energy levels

Stress levels

Adrenal support

Immune support

Cough relief

Hangover relief

Two different models are available.  Model A stocks a hemp based CBD remedy while Model B does not.

Clear, easy to understand signage is integrated into the display so employees can easily navigate the selection in order to choose the most appropriate remedy for their needs.

Displays are maintained - cleaned and stocked - by Wellness Provisions on a regular basis that works best for your office.  Invoices are generated at each maintenance call.  

**Please note photographs of remedy display depict a prototype.  Final display will include signage and a few minor adjustments to spacing.  Fire Cider will include a pump top in your display.


membership INTO

the wellness collective

Health is not just measured by the supplements we take or the food we eat.  Health and happiness should be supported holistically - which means taking the entire body into consideration.  Because Wellness Provisions fully believes that everything in the body is interlinked, we created the Wellness Collective, which is a network of incredible professionals who support human health in a variety of ways, with many services complimenting another.


Membership is FREE to ALL employees where Workplace Wellness services are present.  Memberships normally cost $20/year per person. Employees are provided Membership Cards and access to the network of professionals which we are proud to say is constantly evolving.


  • Members are entitled to special services and/or discounts offered by Professionals.

  • Members receive 5% off all supplement purchases from Wellness Provisions.


Chef Chelsea Moran with Conscience Cuisine provides plant-based catering options for your office.  She prioritizes organic, fresh and healthy ingredients and brilliantly accommodates allergies.

Workplace Wellness accounts obtain VIP status while booking with Conscience Cuisine.

want workplace wellness in your office?

Here's how to get some wellness!

Thank you for your interest in the Workplace Wellness service!  That's super rad that you're passionate about wellness and see the value in adding this healthy element into your place of work - for yourself, and for your co-workers!


Please follow the link below to pass on a little bit of information so we can follow up with you.